Before & After

April 2020 to April 2021 Postpartum Transformation Challenge:

With baby #2, I decided to dive into a transformation challenge. I took these BEFORE and PROGRESS photos, with the AFTER photos still to come this April. I started my journey at 156lbs and the progress photo being 139lbs (I’m 5’3″).

I decided to document my postpartum body transformation, to encourage that with consistency, a healthy weight and level of fitness are attainable after babies.

Within my Instagram @mindfulmotivationz there is a highlight on my page dedicated to my postpartum weightloss workout videos. There you can see how sluggish my workouts are, and transform to a higher level of fitness again.

I look forward to posting the AFTER photo this April 2021.


2011 Weight Gain & Weight Loss Challenge:


Yes, for fun I gained exactly 18 pounds in 6 weeks and then took it off again the following 6 weeks…

I wanted to demonstrate that with dedication and willpower you, the individual, are in control of your body management. If we let go of all healthy choices and activity, our bodies will take a turn for the worse faster than we think. However, if we make those healthy choices and add fitness activity into our daily lives, the two combined will have strong and positive results. Find your strength and begin your fitness changes today, you’ll thank yourself tomorrow!


2014 Calendar Girls to Fight Breast Cancer: Befores and Afters:

laurenb&a (2) michelleb&a (2) staceyb&a (2) brit (2) carryn (2) nicole (2) sandra (2)

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