“Before I started training with Amy, I was a little nervous I wouldn’t be able to commit to the program 100%. When I finally made the decision to change my life, Amy helped me do just that! She was there for me every step, kick, lunge, squat and curl of the way, constantly encouraging me to go just a little further and push just that much harder. This 5 week boot camp was the most challenging and rewarding accomplishment thus far in my life. In just over a month Amy helped me cut 4 inches off my waist and drop 12.5 lbs! I have never felt, or looked, better. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone who wants to change their life in the best way possible! Thank you so much Amy! You truly are the best”.

Carryn Ouellette

“Amy has not been my personal trainer for long but within the short weeks that I started to work with her I could feel myself getting stronger. Amy is the perfect combination of tough and likable. She always knows how to put fun into working out which makes it so much easier to want to, and take pleasure in. Although she pushed me to my limits it was more than worth it. With her encouraging and inspirational personality I would never choose another trainer. Amy is hands down the best of the best and I owe her the biggest credit to my new and improved healthy lifestyle”.

Lauren Magnusson

“Working out with Amy gave me the motivation I needed to finally accomplish my goals! Amy is so knowledgeable and always mixes up the workouts to keep it interesting. Working with her as my personal trainer kept me accountable as well as gave me the strength I needed to push through when I wanted to quit the most.Thank you Amy”!


“I used to look at pictures and thought being in great shape was only attainable for “lucky” people or the rich and famous…but Amy literally transformed my body and my life. She showed me anyone can reach their goals and look exactly how they’ve always wanted to with hard work and dedication. I have never felt better, been stronger, looked better or been happier. I can’t wait to continue training with Amy…she has changed my life”.

Michelle McLean

“Amy continually changes my workout plans so I can never get bored, and she makes the exercises more challenging as my fitness level improves. In just 4 months of working with Amy 3 to 4 times a week I have lost 25lbs (starting weight was 170lbs). Amy always provides me with great nutrition tips and meal ideas. Amy has helped me completely transform my lifestyle from an inactive couch potato to a healthy and active indidual”.

– Wendy Furlong

“Amy does a lot more than we could have ever imagined. She keeps us motivated. She keeps the routines fresh and she always pushes you to do your best. In under 3 months Amy has helped me lose 5″ off my waist line and 10lbs. My husband’s triglycerides were at high levels and have since dropped dramatically that doctors were amazed. Our sincere thanks to Amy for helping us and providing us with the tools that are required to achieve ‘our’ personal goals and for helping us feel confident and strong about ourselves and our future”.

-Liz & Bill Thomas

“Since I started working with Amy I have noticed several great differences within myself, the change in my body and my stamina to begin with… the program Amy has created for me is working. I am very please with my current results… she explores and exposes your weaknesses and turns them into strengths while adapting current strengths to improve your overall mental and physical make up”

-Tim Venn

“Amy is responsible for motivating, training, strengthening, and toning all areas of my body. I came to Amy with little upper body strength, I was unaware of my capabilities regarding cardio, and my core was practically non-existent. Now, four month later, I can lift weights three times as heavy, repeat weight repetitions three times as long, run for a solid hour, and have great core strength”.

-Candace Partland

“Not only do I look and feel better, but Amy has provided me with the knowledge to apply to my own workouts. I had never been able to do a single chin-up and my goal was to be able to do 5. With Amy training me I can now do 20 chin-ups and upgraded from girl pushup to 20 regular pushups”.

-Sarah Meades

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