Grand Opening Special Extended

Our Grand Opening at The Training Room was a success. Mindful Motivationz is enjoying the energy of working with TTR & values the use of the elite space. We are proud to be one of Barrie’s elite trainers. Our Grand Opening Special is entended until the 18th, 20% off any of our training packages. Contact us for a consultation. Stay Motivated! Xo

Boot Camp!!

BOOT CAMP/GROUP TRAINING!!! Held @ 92 Saunders Rd. Barrie (the South end at The Training Room studio space)


Hey Everyone!! Okay confirmations are in, Boot Camp is starting next Saturday April 5th @ 9:30am. It is a 2x/week boot camp, but I am offering 3x/week for easier scheduling on you and if you would like to sign up for all 3x/week you are welcome to do so and come to all three. This runs for 5 weeks, so that is 10-15 sessions, depending on what you sign up for. An amazing chance to get into killer shape this spring at an affordable rate!!

Boot Camp cost is $170.00 for 2x/week and $200.00 for the 3x/week (a wicked offer because you will receive a nutrition guide and a sexy shirt!)

I will be holding Boot Camp styled as Group Training. You really can get decent results with this style of Boot Camp, unlike any other Boot Camp in Barrie!!

Mondays at 4:30pm/5pm, (still waiting on one more confirmation)
Thursdays at 9:30am,
and Saturdays at 9:30am.

If you choose to only sign up for 2x/week, you can choose which two.

Please confirm if you will be joining us, looking forward to a great Boot Camp season this year!

March Madness Giveaway!!


Post & Share with Mindful Motivationz Personal Training on FB or @mindfulmotivationz on Instagram, your most creative, crazy, or hard working fitness pose & WIN a free Boot Camp. If you don’t live near Barrie, WIN a Nutrition Program.

Boot Camps start in April, so get your photos in by March 31st!! :)

Stay Motivated! Xo

HIIT Boot Camp Coming Up…

HIIT Spring Boot Camp starting in April! Contact me for interest in signing up, limited spots available! 


I am starting an email poll for ideal dates and times on my HIIT Boot Camp Training! If you are interested in joining my famous Nelson Lookout Boot Camp, please email me with your information, your ideal dates and times you would like this boot camp to take place. I decide based on a majority vote, or if there is a wide range of interest, I may open up a 2nd boot camp. I do have an indoor location if there is still poor weather conditions in April.

Contact me soon, decisions are being made in March 2014. 

For more information on my boot camps, see my Boot Camp page :)

Do YOU want this change? Decide NOW! Take Action!

We’re mid February now…. how far into your new year resolution with fitness did you get?

Did you fall off your plan of action? Are you frustrated? Do you commit one day, then fall off in the same day or the next?




I am here to help, I am good at what I do and will get you to where you want to be. You will need to trust me!

It will hurt,
It will burn,
It will suck.
You’ll want to quit,
You’ll hate me (at first)… but then you will SUCCEED!!

Contact me for a consultation for personal training! I will be the push you need today for success tomorrow!

Stay Motivated! xo