Group Training Camp June 29th – August 1st!! Partner Promotion!!


Training Camp Flyer July 2015 (click to see flyer)

MindFul MotivatioNz

Personal Training

Keeping YOU in Mind and Motivated for Fitness Success!

Training Camp

Join us @ The Training Room or Nelson Lookout

5:30pm Mondays, 5:30pm Thursdays, & 9am Saturdays

Starts Monday June 29th, 2015 – August 1st, 2015

I am offering a PARTNER PROMOTION of $50 OFF, come out for a great group training session this summer!

It is a full body workout, programmed to be YOU against YOU. I give you goals and expectations, but reassure you to beat your OWN records. Incorporated are innovative exercises to spike any personal plateaus and spice up boring workouts – it will be the extra push you need this summer!

Take Advantage of this wicked offer!!

$150.00 flat (pricing includes 5 weeks in total)

PARTNER PROMO = $100.00 each ($50.00 off)

Includes a FREE Nutrition Guide and T-shirt!

Stay Motivated!!

Amy Whitfield :)

Gain Confidence, Energy, Muscle, Endurance, Weight Loss & More!

Training Boot Camp – Sign Up Today!!

Mindful Motivationz Training Boot Camp that keeps YOU in Mind and Motivated for Success!


Training Boot Camps are open for all levels of fitness, Mindful Motivationz boot camps are a full body workout, programmed to be YOU against YOU. I give you goals and expectations, and I reassure you to beat your OWN records. Incorporated are innovative exercises to spike any personal plateaus and spice up boring workouts. You are getting a Personal Trainer as your Boot Camp Instructor, Take Advantage!!

They run for a 5 week span, this 5 week span is May 25th – june 30th, and we are scheduled 4 sessions per week for you to choose from. You are welcome to attend all of them, if you attend 2x per week you are getting the regular season value.

Promo Pricing:
$150.00 for the 5 week span, saving $20!

Partner Promotion:
Join with a partner and you BOTH get an additional $50 off!

Includes a FREE Nutrition Take Home Guide & MindFul MotivatioNz Boot Camp T-shirt!

Dates Included:
The 5 week Span runs from May 25th – June 30th
Mondays: 8am and 5:30pm
Thursday 5:30pm
Saturdays 9am

Located at The Training Room, Barrie’s leading provider of one-on-one personal training, group training, athletic and team training. We pride ourselves on maintaining a state-of-the-art fitness facility for Barrie’s top personal trainers, their client’s and our valued members. Mindful Motivationz will be running boot camp outdoors, and if weather does not agree with us, we will be inside at The Training Room.

Contact me to join a professional and fun Training Boot Camp and begin your fitness success today!

Stay Motivated,


March Boot Camp – Join In!!

5pm Mondays and Thursday @ 92 Saunders Rd. Barrie

March 2nd to April 2nd, 2015

…started without you? Feel free to join in! Email me with a request and we’ll get you in and the price suitable to the boot camp.

Free Nutritional Program and T-shirt (made to order) included!!

This boot camp and this space at The Training Room is welcoming, great energy, and a motivation to push yourself to new levels that you won’t find anywhere else in Barrie.

Arrange to check us out via emailing me on the contact page of this website.

Stay Motivated Barrie! :)



Friday Motivationz!


Hey Everyone,

Reminding everyone of my 20% off Personal Training for the Month of November!

Keep in mind I love referrals, I can create gift cards, and I can do small groups with a payment scheme of first person pays full price (still with 20% off), and everyone else afterwards pays half (without the 20% off).
Giving the gift of wicked deals! ;)
Contact me for and questions, comments, or to sign up!
Amy :)
Mindful Motivationz Personal Training
Keeping YOU in Mind and Motivated this Holiday Season!

6 Week Intensive Plan

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Starting TODAY, join me in a 6 week Intensive Plan. It will involve Workouts 6 days a week, a Nutrition plan carefully designed by Personal Trainer Amy Whitfield, and a Cardio aspect as well. This 6 week plan is easy and adaptable for anyone and everyone no matter where your skill set is currently. Join me in my Training Camps designed for this 6 Week Program Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5pm, located at The Training Room 92 Saunders Rd. (south end of Barrie). This 6 weeks will bring us to Thanksgiving Weekend, where you will feel great, look great, and be able to enjoy your weekend guilt free!! It will take discipline, motivation, and hard work, but you will achieve results if you follow the work and nutrition I lay out for you. We will start with measurements, go ahead and take those before photos, and let’s watch your transformation begin! 

If you want to join my boot camp please contact me to get started this week: $150

If you want the nutrition plan and one workout plan: $90 

If you want the nutrition plan alone: $50

Join Training Camp Now and Throughout the Summer!

Mindful Motivationz Training Camp!!



Get ready to feel and look your best this summer!!

There is a new round of Training Camp starting up again next week. It is Tuesdays at 5pm, Thursdays at 5pm, & Saturdays at 9am. Feel free to sign up for twice a week at $150 for the full 5 weeks, or all 3x a week for $200.

Starting date is this Saturday the 14th at 9am or Tuesday the 17th at 5pm. Location is The Training Room at 92 Saunders Rd. on the south end.

This is better than any ordinary boot camp; it is an affordable way to get full body training circuits with a good group of people, ladies and men welcome!

Stay Motivated!

Go to my Contact Page to Contact me and Join :)