Join Training Camp Now and Throughout the Summer!

Mindful Motivationz Training Camp!!



Get ready to feel and look your best this summer!!

There is a new round of Training Camp starting up again next week. It is Tuesdays at 5pm, Thursdays at 5pm, & Saturdays at 9am. Feel free to sign up for twice a week at $150 for the full 5 weeks, or all 3x a week for $200.

Starting date is this Saturday the 14th at 9am or Tuesday the 17th at 5pm. Location is The Training Room at 92 Saunders Rd. on the south end.

This is better than any ordinary boot camp; it is an affordable way to get full body training circuits with a good group of people, ladies and men welcome!

Stay Motivated!

Go to my Contact Page to Contact me and Join :)


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