6 Week Intensive Plan

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Starting TODAY, join me in a 6 week Intensive Plan. It will involve Workouts 6 days a week, a Nutrition plan carefully designed by Personal Trainer Amy Whitfield, and a Cardio aspect as well. This 6 week plan is easy and adaptable for anyone and everyone no matter where your skill set is currently. Join me in my Training Camps designed for this 6 Week Program Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5pm, located at The Training Room 92 Saunders Rd. (south end of Barrie). This 6 weeks will bring us to Thanksgiving Weekend, where you will feel great, look great, and be able to enjoy your weekend guilt free!! It will take discipline, motivation, and hard work, but you will achieve results if you follow the work and nutrition I lay out for you. We will start with measurements, go ahead and take those before photos, and let’s watch your transformation begin! 

If you want to join my boot camp please contact me to get started this week: $150

If you want the nutrition plan and one workout plan: $90 

If you want the nutrition plan alone: $50

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