Great Testimonial from Today!

2013-10-15 10.30.37

“Heading into week 4 of my body under construction journey. I’m not overly concerned with the number on the scale (tho the 6 lbs that I am down is a huge bonus). It means more to me that I am feeling healthier, stronger and more energetic. My sleep has improved, my eating habits have improved and my overall well being has also improved. A huge shout out and thank you to Amy of MindFul MotivatioNz for encouraging me and helping me through this journey and for giving me the extra push that I need to not only stay on track, but to push myself past my comfort zone. Thanks girl!! You da best!! And a thank you to the many happy, smiling, welcoming faces that I encounter when I walk through the doors of the Training Room. Your support and encouraging words mean a lot to me!”

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